Security System Design
Starting with a needs assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your home, business, operations and facilities, we work with you to design a unique security system to fit your requirements. Expert security design and implementation is key to preparing your organization for the rapidly changing security threats. Our certified security system experts will identify all possible obstructions based on your floorplan. We will help you document all activity that occurs at your facility, and provide positive identification of those coming and going. We also can help you identify the choke points in your business, and likely avenues of approach. Security Design & Engineering Support Services include: Site survey and needs assessment Systems infrastructure review and design Network requirements Bandwidth analysis Cabling requirements Hardware assessment CPU requirements Storage requirements System architecture Recorder placement Camera layout, field of view and range considerations Identify choke points Integrated solutions Application specific needs 3rd party device integration
Security Camera System Installation Services
CCTV camera installation services experts at Black Hills Tech will oversee your security camera installation services from start-to-finish. We offer professional and comprehensive CCTV services from configuration of a local security system, and installation and fine-tuning CCTV cameras, to documentation of your CCTV security system. Our security camera system installation services include the latest analog and digital CCTV equipment, including security cameras with IR technology. Our CCTV services experts can assess your home and business security needs, and determine the best security monitoring products and CCTV camera installation services—for your location, and your budget. CCTV Camera Installation Services and Security Services Include: Site Assessment – Our security experts will conduct thorough site assessment, beginning with a basic schematic of your floor plan. We will address your basic CCTV services needs and questions and identify all possible obstructions and security challenges based on your specific location. Local System Configuration – We can configure your CCTV cameras and security systems and optimize CCTV equipment to meet your location and security needs—locally. Installation – We can install, position, focus and fine-tune all of your CCTV cameras—saving you time. Cabling – Our security camera installation service experts will install all Ethernet, video, and/or power cabling for your CCTV cameras and analog CCTV equipment. Remote Workstation Configuration – We can provide remote workstation configuration for your CCTV equipment and CCTV installation services. Documentation – We can provide documentation and archiving for all CCTV equipment and systems settings, as part of your security camera system installation service.
Access Control System Installation
Installing an access control system can be tricky, unless you have installation experience. Black Hills Tech is a reputable, professional security services provider that provides trusted access control system installation. Our professional installation servicers ensure you get an optimized solution that provides convenient and secure door access control at your facility. Our expert access control installers will oversee your access control installation from start-to-finish. We offer professional and comprehensive door access control system installation services—from site assessment, to configuration and documentation of your customized system settings. Our service is designed for the latest door access control technology, smart card reader, biometrics, TCP/IP and RFID solutions. Access Control Installation and Security Services include: Site Assessment – We will conduct thorough site survey and design, beginning with a basic schematic of your floor plan, and then address your basic security needs and questions. Access Control System Installation – We will install and optimize your access control solution. Cabling – Our access control installers will install and run required Ethernet, video and/or power cabling. Configuration of Remote Workstations – We’ll engage the user-friendly access control software and interface to connect, configure, and optimize remote workstations for your access control system installation Documentation – We’ll provide thorough, easy-to-use documentation and archiving of system settings for your door access control installation.
Network Cabling Services
Oftentimes, video and power cables are an afterthought when purchasing a video security system. However, installing the right grade, quality, and length of cable can have a major impact on your overall system performance. Black Hills Tech provides full structured cabling solutions and services —with the trusted resources to design and implement your structured wiring and equipment. Our team of cable installers will perform a needs assessment to determine both your current and future requirements, and provide the ideal solution for your location—and your budget. Our dedicated team can provide full network cabling services from start-to-finish—handling everything from design and cable installation, to ongoing maintenance. CABLING EXPERTISE AND DEDICATED SUPPORT Cabling Site Surveys – Our security experts will provide a site survey to assess your cabling needs, and determine the best cable type, length, and performance needed for your location. Network Configuration – We offer the capability to connect your organization’s network to a data line provided by the telephone company or another vendor and configure your network cabling. Network Cable Installation – Whether you need fiber optic, RG59, or twisted pair Cat5 or Cat6 coax cabling infrastructure for your security installation—we can provide the solution that best meets your needs. Our security experts can design, install, and maintain any size cabling installation on any network.
System Configuration & Support
We offer a selection of configuration services for your surveillance system. System implementation and configuration is performed by our expert and certified team of engineers and support technicians. Camera configuration services cover: Camera IP assignment Burn-in Test Remote access setup DDNS NVR firmware update Hard Drive installation to motion detection setup NVR/DVR configuration services include: NVR Firmware update Hard drive installation Motion detection Custom views Email alert setup
On-Site Service and Maintenance
Get the most out your security systems with a maintenance service from Black Hills Tech. With a team of specialist communication and security engineers working, we can provide your business with a maintenance service plan that best suits your business needs and requirements. We offer rapid response to security maintenance issues to help ensure minimal downtime of your security systems. Our on-site services include: System maintenance On-site repairs Replacement or fine-tune security equipment Monthly or annual inspections